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Service and Maintainance


Whether it’s the middle of a storm and your generator didn’t come on or you just need routine maintenance, Gowen Power Systems will be there. Our professional, factory-trained and certified technicians are located throughout Maine and are dedicated to providing you with prompt, reliable 24/7 emergency service by simply calling our office at (207) 773-1761.  So when the power goes out, you can feel confident in knowing Maine’s most efficient and qualified technicians are available to fix your problem in no time.

Planned Maintenance Agreements

In order to ensure your generator system will continue to operate at optimal efficiency for years to come, it’s important to have a professional inspect it to see if any routine/periodic maintenance is required. Identifying small problems, before they become major issues that require costly repairs, can save you a tremendous amount of money and trouble down the road. Gowen Power Systems offers customized Planned Maintenance Agreements designed to fit the unique needs f your generator.

When you purchase a generator system from Gowen Power Systems, you have more than an investment, you have peace of mind. Please give us a call for more information or to speak with one of our representatives today about setting up a Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Emergency Service

Gowen Power Systems offers 24-hour emergency service to our valued customers. Emergency service may be requested by simply calling our office at (207) 773-1761.

Start-Up and Warranty Authorization

After the generator and automatic transfer switch have been installed and the unit is ready to be started, one of Gowen Power Systems’ technicians will come to your site to inspect the installation and certify that it meets manufacturer requirements. Once everything is cleared, they will install the battery and start and test the unit.

The technician will also instruct the owner and/or caretaker in the operation of the unit and go through the “what ifs,” and thoroughly explain what is required in terms of service and maintenance.

Gowen will complete and forward a start-up and warranty authorization form to the manufacturer to ensure your warranty coverage is in place. At this point, your unit is under warranty.

Load Bank Testing

Don’t wait for the lights to go out to find a problem with your Emergency Generator!

Load bank testing allows a standby power system to be tested and exercised under load  – without interrupting utility service to the building  – to verify its overall reliability to perform to its designed specifications in an emergency power situation. Load bank testing will give you peace of mind in knowing your generator output is up to par with the manufacturer’s high standards and specifications. Once test results are completed, they are furnished with any recommendations for repair and are then added to your service history.

Oil and Fluid Analysis

Benefits of Gowen Power Systems’ Fluid Analysis Program:

  • Early detection of any potential problems.
  • Downtime of your equipment is scheduled so your production processes will not be interrupted.
  • We only perform service when it’s actually required, not just because it’s scheduled.
  • Continuous monitoring of your equipment fluid allows you to create a complete, in-depth history of your engine and generator set, which will be invaluable in planning for future budgets and replacement needs.
  • Gain insight into the performance and efficiency of your equipment, which enables you to better utilize your equipment.

Gowen Power Systems’ staff is available to assist you in determining  your power requirements.  We will perform an onsite, site-sizing to determine what size generator you need to meet your requirements for when you are home or away.

We will look at the most efficient way to integrate the automatic generator system into your electrical system. We will work with you in determining the best placement of the unit.

OnCue® Plus Management


Whether you are at home, traveling or on the go, you’ll never have to worry about the power in your home or business. With the OnCue ® system, you can manage your Kohler generator system, remotely control items in your home, receive updates via text or email, view real-time power operation and more – from anywhere.

Standard Features include:

  • Text Messages or email updates
  • Start/Stop control from your computer
  • Time stamped history of starts, stops, faults and notifications

Gowen Power Systems is now offering in addition to our Planned Maintenance Agreements the monitoring of your generator. Please give us a call for further information!

View our OnCue sell sheet here

Turn-Key Installations

Gowen Power Systems will either handle your complete installation or work with you and your electrician. We will provide technical assistance from start to finish. A typical installation consists of the generator and automatic transfer switch. In addition, service from the following trades may be required:

  • Fuel Supplier: A fuel supplier will install the fuel lines to the generator and either sell you a tank or rent/lease it to you. This most likely will be your present fuel supplier.